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Customizing your business needs

The world of business and trade is more complex than ever and is experiencing unprecedented challenges. If your company is engaged in sourcing material that requires cross border movement to Canada, there is an invisible line to cross that requires attention. Companies will utilize Customs Brokers to facilitate the clearance of the goods in to Canada, but did you know Importers are ultimately responsible for the information that is given to Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).

Let's face it; not every company is of a size to justify the need for a Full-Time Customs expert on staff. But there may be times your company wished they did, to handle these questions or challenges that arise related to imports.

There are companies who may have an internal person or team tasked with managing Customs related matters. However there may be situations that this bandwidth isn't quite enough for the current challenges and the ROI for additional Full-Time assistance is just, not there.

Regardless, additional knowledgeable support is required. This is where MW Trade Consulting can assist.


Support to review accuracy, provide guidance and or assist in developing processes to ensure Import Regulations are met.


Customs Businesses

Support for projects, resources for short term challenges, provide guidance or assist how to manage already existing Customs work.



For those who are curious to learn more to better enable themselves to manage Customs issues as they arise.


How Do You Know If You Need a Customs Professional?

If you’re on this site, it’s probably crossed your mind. Likely this has been prompted by a penalty relating to Customs, an audit, questions from your broker or trends you are seeing that you’re not sure how to address. If your business does not have internal Customs expertise, there could be money left on the table and or cost avoidance that isn’t being addressed. You need a Customs Professional. 

I worked with Meredyth on the Customs Project with our Employer. It was a pleasure working with her as she brings extensive knowledge in her area of expertise, she thoroughly understood the processes in place, she was clear on her vision of a future solution, she has excellent communication skills, she is professional and most of all an inspiring leader. Working with Meredyth in the future would be a treat.

Mandeep Taheem

Scrum Master at LDOE

I have known Meredyth for many years. She has always been an outside-the-box thinker and loves to learn and problem solve. She is constantly looking for ways to improve. She revels in networking and bouncing ideas off of other people. It was always a delight to deal with her and I always looked forward to our interactions knowing they would be productive, educational and fun.

Matthew Gallant

Customs Compliance Professional

Customizing your business needs…

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