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Hi. My name is Meredyth.

I’m a self proclaimed Customs Nerd.

I have been in the Customs Industry since 2001 where I started working at the Windsor Ambassador Bridge in the brokerage arena. During the last 21 years I have worked in brokerage, worked within multi-national Canadian based Manufacturing companies, held 4 customs designations (Certified Customs Specialist-CA, Certified Trade Compliance Specialist-CA, Certified Customs Specialist-US & Certified Export Specialist-US), obtained my Diploma from Loyalist College in Customs Justice & Law, been a member of the Border Commercial Consultative Committee-Trade and Recourse…but in listing my resume it does not capture what I am about. 

As mentioned, I’m a Customs Nerd but to be clear, I’m passionate about it. “This is the largest industry that no one knows about” is a quote said to me early in my career that I will never forget. Customs is a different language. Customs compliance is important and can impact bottom lines. The invisible line between countries is such an important point for businesses not just from a regulation stand point but from a financial and security stand point.

It’s like anything in life; it isn’t a problem until it is a problem. If it ain’t broke-don’t fix it! Don’t, rock, the boat. Many companies, especially those who are smaller in size or new to the importing world, have not had the opportunity to review and really understand how imported material can be managed internally, from an administrative perspective. And like everything else in life, things become more difficult. Order to disorder; advancements bring more complications.

Running a business is becoming more complicated. The world is moving towards the data driven e-world. I truly, want to help companies and individuals prepare, further develop in house processes and be able to confidently manage their importing needs.

MW Trade Consulting is about tailoring to what is needed. If there is an “in the moment” challenge that needs support like building an HTS database, reviewing Free Trade Agreement potential, reviewing Purchases and Sales to identify potential cost savings from a border standpoint, we can do that. If there is a need for on going support to review and vet import data but lack the internal expertise, ongoing part time support can be provided. If there is a desire to learn more about this big crazy world of acronyms and how they tie together to YOUR business, we can do that.

I have lived in many parts of Ontario and have been fortunate enough to do some travelling with friends and family through out my life. I attended University in Windsor for Music. Music is it’s own language and believe this is partly why I was so excited by the Customs world. I also believe a disclaimer should be made that “bad dad” jokes are a favourite of mine and wonder why they get such a bad reputation. I try to use a “good mom” joke everyday, to my family’s, delight. If I have the privilege of speaking with you, please forgive if a pun appears.

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