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Importers services would include: 

  • HTS classification 
  • Duty Savings
  • Free Trade (savings!)
  • Import Data review
  • Customs in Supply Chain
  • Inco Terms

.You’re running a company.

You’re providing material and goods to your customers.

Your focus is making sure the business is working. Profit. Loss. Costs. Operations. Safety. There are a lot of priorities. You also have shipments crossing the border. This is something that just, happens. Until it doesn’t. And when it doesn’t, it’s a mess.

It’s not that the service level from your broker isn’t enough; it usually results from insufficient information, poor documentation, lack of lead time or some other unknown. How do you keep this from happening again?

MW wants to help all importers, but especially those who do not have an internal customs professional.

Costs have been mentioned and that’s always on the mind of a business owner. Rates with MW Trade Consulting will depend on what is needed. Is this a one time project? Is this on going preset hourly support? Perhaps the work required will results in reduced costs to your company-this is also something we will look at; Does this make sense for YOU.

Import Data Review

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Reviewing declarations to CBSA against internal records to ensure declarations are accurate to avoid potential penalties

Audit Support

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Ensure your response to CBSA is accurate and provides all required information 


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There is opportunity to review and dispute certain penalties and reduce costs

Free Trade

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Canada participates in 15 Free Trade agreements involving 50 countries. Are you maximizing the benefits from a sales and purchasing perspective?

Inco Terms

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These 3 digit alpha codes should be quoted on every purchase and sale to ensure responsibilities are understood

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